Castor Oil - Breast Pads

Castor Oil - Breast Pads

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Castor oil pads for fibrocystic breasts ( lumpy , painful breasts).  A simple and Loving way to improve the quality of the breast tissue for gentle comfort Mummas

The application of castor oil pads to the breast tissues improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, assists in the elimination of tissue toxins and bringing more nutrition for repair and maintenance. 

How to Use: Apply castor oil to the center of the pads, keeping oil away from the seams. Apply to fibrocystic breasts, sore and swollen breasts during the five days before and during menstruation.

Optional: Heat with a heating pad or hot water bottle. 

(The temperature should be warm, not hot)

Vrindavan Castor Oil Pads are made with 100% cotton flannelette on the inside, making it nice and soft to the skin, and the PUL fabric on the outside makes it mess free, comfortable and easy to clean up. The pads can be placed under a bra, sports bra, or bralette. They can be worn all day or night.

Consult a healthcare expert for personalized guidance. Take care, beautiful mama! 💕

Contains 2 pads.

Made in Australia from imported products.